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Amercian Masstiff


Amercian Masstiff


The Old English Mastiff is a massive dog. The Mastiff has a large, heavy square head with a well marked stop between the eyes. The muzzle should be half the length of the skull.


Head: Wide, heavy and rectangular in shape.

 Eyes: Amber in color.

Ears: Rounded and set high on head.

 Nose: Black.

Bite: Scissor.

 Neck: Powerful, and slightly arched.

 Chest: Deep, broad and well-rounded, descending to the level of elbows.

Height:Dogs from 30 inches (76cm)          Bitches from 27 inches (69cm)
Weight:Dogs about 160 pounds (72kg)     Bitches about 150 pounds (68kg)



Life span

10-12 years.



The coat must be short and dense. As in other mastiff breeds, a puppy may have a longer coat, this is known as a "fluffy" and is extremely rare but not considered a fault.

 Color: Fawn, Apricot, and Brindle. Puppies are all born dark and lighten as they grow. Some dogs may become very light fawn by age one year; some retain dark hairs. White on foot, chest, nose and chin is not a fault.

Living Conditions

The Mastiff will do okay in an apartment if it is sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and a small yard will do.



 The American Mastiff is a combination of grandeur, good nature, and gentleness. These dogs portray dignity rather than gaiety. They are neigher shy nor vicious. The well trained American Mastiff is calm, controlled, confident, patient, and loving with their family, especially children. They can be aloof toward strangers. A well-socialized American Mastiff is friendly yet sensitive and alert to changing situations.

As a watch dog:

They are not aggressive by nature but will defend their family if necessary. These dogs respond to threats with judicious warnings and courageous action if needed.



These dogs are average shedders.

Brush once or twice a week with a firm bristle brush. Wipe over with a towel for a gleaming finish.



American Mastiffs are inclined to become lazy as they get older, but they will keep fitter and happier if given regular exercise. Like all dogs, the American Mastiff should be taken on daily regular walks to help release its mental and physical energy. As with any breed, it is best if they are leashed in public. The American Mastiff tends to enjoy large yards over smaller.


American Mastiffs tend to be healthy and happy dogs with fewer reported incidents of many of the health problems generally seen in other large breeds.


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