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Society Finch

Society Finch:

Common Names:
Bengalese finch, Meeuwen

Males and females are identical in appearance. The only way to sex them is by behavior. The males will sing a song typical of many mannikins. With an upstretched neck and fluffed feathers, he will sing his warbling song and bounce back and forth on the perch while approaching the hen. There are differences in the male and female contact calls, but these are difficult to describe and you'll have to hear them to pick them out.

Reaches Maturity:  4 months   
Lifespan: 5-10 years                          

Small, colorful and gentle with a sweet song to boot, the Society Finch makes an uncomplicated and thoroughly enjoyable avian pet. Active little Societies take great pleasure in one another’s company and should be kept in at least pairs. 


Ideally a Society Finch should be offered a diet that is made up of 70% pellets. The remainder of the diet can consist of greens like spinach, parsley and kale, as well as a small amount of finch seed and fresh washed and cut fruit.  Fruits and vegetables should be rinsed, dried and cut into appropriately sized pieces before being offered to this bird. In some cases,  Society Finches may refuse pellets, which will require making seeds the bulk of their diet. In these instances, it is better if the seeds are sprouted before being offered.  Cuttlebones and crushed oyster shells help finches acquire an appropriate amount of calcium, especially if they have rejected pellets.


Since most Society Finches will spend just about all of their time in a cage, they require spacious quarters. A cage that measures at least 24” long by 16” wide by 18” high is suitable for a pair of Finches, though larger is always better, and more space is necessary if more than two birds are kept. Since Society Finches enjoy flying from perch to perch, their cage should be long enough to provide them with flight room. Their cages should be longer than they are wide or high.  Bar spacing must be small to prevent the tiny finch bird from fitting his head through the bars.

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