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The Shih Tzu dog breed has a personality and temperament that is loyal, affectionate outgoing, and alert. While the Shih Tzu is an excellent watch dog, they tend not to make great guard dogs . Due to its friendly nature, the Shih Tzu tends to interact well with other dogs.

HeightUp to 11 inches
Weight: 9 to 16 pounds


Tibet, Sponsorship: Great Britain

Other Name:
Chrysanthemum Dog

Life span:


15 years or more


The name Shih Tzu means little lion, but these love bugs are anything but fierce and ferocious. This breed is one of the best all around breeds, they can live in any sized home, get along well with other pets, are excellent for families, single people and make ideal companions for the elderly; they are generally well behaved, are fairly easy to train and are cute as little buttons with their unique underbite.


Activity Requirements:

Shih Tzus are lap dogs and are by no means active, outdoorsy dogs. A simple walk around the block and some romping time in the yard or at the park are enoughThey much prefer clowning around the house or curling up on a lap to a rigorous cardio workout. Their size makes them ideal for apartments and condominiums



General characteristics of a Shih Tzu include:

1.   highly intelligent

2.   devoted

3     not prone to a high pitched bark like other small dogs

4     playful

5     bred as a house dog

6     self sufficient

7      interacts well with humans of all ages

8       friendly to strangers

9        excited to meet new people

10      male and female act virtually the same


Shih Tzu Pets Love Everyone:

Although Shih Tzu loves all people, particularly those willing to pet them. They will always show special attention to their masters. Whether walking around the house, eating breakfast or sleeping, it is likely that the Shih Tzu will be nearby. It is definitely clear that this bond is of great importance to the dogs as there have been many accounts of Shih Tzu recognizing their old masters after years of absence.

Interaction with Various Ages

One of the great traits of the Shih Tzu is that this breed cannot be categorized as being the best companion for just one age group.  This dog is a perfect companion for the elderly.  Remaining close to its owner, Not demanding or high strung, Shih Tzu will happily keep an older person company from morning to night.

This dog also is a wonderful family pet.  Absolutely happy to get attention and be loved by 1 person or 10, the Shih Tzu is a perfect family member.   Most of the time, a Shih Tzu is perfectly content to sit quietly and wait as long as needed to finally get that hug and pat that they long for so badly. 


These little dogs require a good daily grooming using bristle brush. When kept in along coat a topknot is usually tied to keep the hair out of the dog eyes. Some owners prefer to have them trimmed to make the coat easier and less time consuming to care for



Shih Tzu is most certainly the product of crossing the Lhasa Apso from Tibet with the Pekingese from China. In 1643, the Dalai Lama presented the Manchurian dynasty with a gift of small shih tzu. The breed was long appreciated by the royal court, and China's last empress kept them in her palace until 1908. In 1923, a kennel club was founded in Beijing. In 1930, Lady Browning brought the first specimens to England. The British Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1946.

Health problems:

Prone to slipped stifle and spinal disc disease caused by a long back and short legs. Also ear infections, eye infection and early tooth loss.


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