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Java Finches(Nargis)

Java Finches

Common Names:
Java Rice Bird, Java Temple Bird, Paddy Bird


The Java Sparrow originally comes from Indonesia, more specifically, the islands of Java and Bali. Over time it has spread to surrounding areas of south east Asia. As well as being found in China and Japan.

Java Sparrows are large, full bodied finches. Measuring over 5-1/2" long. They have impressive beaks that look like they could do some serious damage, however, they are harmless.


Males and females are nearly identical in appearance. There are a number of ways to distinguish between the sexes. Like most members of the Lonchura family, the males sing and perform a little dance.


A better way to sex Javas is with a couple of visual clues. These differences are better seen in a large group of birds rather than looking at one pair. On a male in breeding condition, the culmen  has an apparent swelling. A definite ridge will form and the color will turn a deeper red on the males. It is said that the eye ring turns a richer red as well, but I find the beak easier to see.


Despite their large size and formidable beak, Javas are peaceful birds. They will get along well with smaller finches in a mixed aviary setting. The ones they will bicker with are themselves. Get a group of them together and there will be a lot of bill fencing and squabbling noises, but they rarely do this with other finches

The Java finches diet begins with a basic parakeet seed mix. You can use a standard finch mix, but these often contain a number of smaller millets that the Javas will ignore until the last large white millet is gone. You can also offer them just plain White Prosso and any other seeds in a separate dish.

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