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April 3, 2018

American bully classes

How to tell which class your American Bully belongs to the American Bully as defined by the founding registry of the breed. It is divided into four classes standard classic, pocket, and excel. 
Many American Bully owners are often confused when it comes to identifying which class of bully they have. The classes differentiate by two basic characteristics size and type. The standard, excel and pocket class are differentiated by size. The classic class, however, is the only class that is differentiated by type. Ideally the standard, pocket and Excel classes should be the same dog with the only difference being height. The pocket class being males under 17 inches and no shorter than 14 inches at the withers female pockets under 16 inches and no shorter than 13 inches the standard class is males between 17 and 20 inches, females 16 and 19 inches. The Excel class is males 20 inches to 23 inches and females 19 inches to 22 inches at the withers the classic is the one exception. 
It differs from the other classes specifically by tyke classics are an amendment to the basic standard American Bully a classic bully is determined by its body structure and build both sexes. Dogs with lighter body frames and less overall body mass but still exhibiting bully traits classic bully to give the appearance of bullier. Old-style American pit bull terriers and American Staffordshire Terrier which made up the origin of the American Bully classic bully variety is simply an American Bully Dog having lighter body frames, lighter bones and less overall body mass less substance then the standard American Bully aside from this difference the classic bully variety follows the same standard as the standard American Bully males 17 inches to 20 inches at the withers, females 16 inches by 19 inches at the withers.